The energy in and around the body forms a grid, or a matrix of light. This matrix includes the chakra system, the meridians and channels of energies running from the physical earth to the celestial divine.

When the lines of this matrix break, an individual begins to leak life force. All disease, emotional and mental disorders as well as thought patterns can be understood through this energy template.

This energy field can be seen, strengthened, and healed by a skilled practitioner. SaraBelle can clear blockages and strengthen the field to ensure optimum vitality.

Transformational healing works excellently with other healing modalities such as allopathy and talk therapy. Clients heal markedly faster when they include body work in their healing plan.

Sessions include:
  • a discussion and review of your overall well being: physical, emotional and mental (first time clients have a 15 to 20 minute intake).
  • 1 – 1 1/4 hours on the table of full hand contact body work

What you can expect:

  • a greater sense of empowerment and enlightenment
  • a deep state of relaxation
  • use of crystals and stones
  • the possibility of deep emotional release
  • tips for at-home empowerment
  • immediate effects

* clients remain fully clothed.